Reinforcing our positive impact on the planet and community

We know the impact we have on the communities we visit. And it is in these five pillars that we seek solutions that generate value, safe and sustainable.


Our BUSINESS pillars are:
  • Product safety and excellence
  • Ethics, integrity and compliance
  • Innovation & technology
  • Data privacy and security
Our pillars in PEOPLE are:
  • Employee health, safety and well-being
  • Human rights and labor relations
  • Attracting, developing and retaining employees
Our pillars on the PLANET are:
  • Climate change and air quality
  • Product lifecycle management

Public Commitments

  • Double the number of women in leadership positions until 2025.
  • Zero serious accidents.
  • Increase annual consolidated net revenue generated by new products.
  • Reduce 40% of greenhouse gas emissions until 2030.
  • Zero waste disposal in industrial landfills and the release of effluents until 2025.

Sustainability Report

By using the strict integrity criteria applied, Frasle Mobility periodically develops its Sustainability Report to show its actions and impacts, in the hope that this disclosure will lead other companies and companies to follow the same steps.

The Report is a summary of its results, indicators and projects, covering relevant aspects for employees, customers, suppliers, investors, communities and society in general.