Strategic and Competitive Advantages


Main Competitive Strategies of Frasle Mobility:

  • Ensure sustainable return to shareholders;
  • Ensure competitive costs;
  • Maximize asset utilization;
  • Expand revenue opportunities;
  • Have a contribution margin that ensures profitability and competitiveness;
  • Keep profitable business units;
  • Global expansion.


Main Competitive Advantages:

  • Technology that suits customer needs;
  • Product quality and brands that are recognized on the market;
  • Long-term business relationship;
  • Differentiated services (technical support and quick response);
  • Competitive strategies focused on price and promotional campaigns;
  • Relevant presence on strategic markets;
  • Strong International action;
  • Production capacity;
  • Human potential to maintain business;
  • Research and Development Center (R&D);
  • Proving ground for real-life testing and simulations;
  • Diversification of product lines;
  • Product portfolio consisting of more than 14,000 items;
  • Revenues originated predominantly from the Aftermarket segment;
  • Synergies in shared services and marketing.